HOW to be more confident by coach and mentor Amanda Thomas

Do you want to BE more? GET more? STAY more?

Then it’s time to get curious.
These are my top tips.


  • Notice your head chatter and remember that you’re in charge here! What’s the ratio of the kind words to negative ones?
  • Remember a time you were confident? What were you doing? How were you doing it? If you’ve had confidence before – you can get it again.
  • ‘Fake it till you make it’. Bet you’ve heard this gem.  Believe you can be confident. Not that you can’t or aren’t. Remember, you’re in charge of how you feel.


  • Think of it like an instrument – you need to tune it up to get it working properly
  • Breathe full and deep into your belly
  • Feeling jittery? You need to shake it off. Put on some music and dance big to change the energy in your body. (20 star-jumps will do the same thing!)
  • When you talk, make the sound come from your chest rather than from your throat
  • Vary your tone, rhythm,...
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