Self confidence vs Confidence

What is the difference between self confidence and confidence?

There are lots of answers to this but we like this one.

Self-confidence is being secure in yourself and your abilities. 

Confidence draws on evidence of things you've been able to do or achieve in the past.

If we just rely on confidence, what do we do if we don’t have the evidence or haven’t done something before?

Ah, yes.. we have to rely on having SELF confidence.

We have to GROW it.

Being able to trust yourself and back yourself. To be able to believe in yourself that you can go out there and do what you say you are going to do.

This needs work. No one is born with this certainty and courage in their convictions. It takes hard work and personal growth. Working on and building our self confidence is about showing up despite being nervous. Doing things even though we might not want to. This gives us the experience which will then not only help our self confidence but give us the evidence we need for our...

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We got it wrong

You asked, we listened. 

Listening is a skill.

You asked us two questions.

1. Why our ‘Moving on up’ course is only for girls?
2. I can’t make the live sessions. Will they be recorded?

Answer 1: We were wrong. And here’s why.

‘HOW Inspire’ is our signature digital membership for teen girls only. We hold a safe space for young women to come and be themselves at an age when everything is changing. They can talk openly about their changing bodies, hormones, friendship, anxieties, navigating social media and relationships whilst meeting amazing role models and forming an awesome community along the way. Sometimes, this is best done with just us girls to discuss. It’s a weekly call with videos on: an open community of awesome teens. Inspiring, exciting, safe.

‘Moving on up’ is NEW!

Maybe we got a bit stuck in our ways.
Maybe a bit stuck in our comfort zone.

‘Moving on up’ is recorded and with no cameras on for attendees...

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One Extraordinary Dog

This is a bit of a personal one.

Those of you who know us as a family will already be aware of this but, for those that don’t, I thought that maybe sharing my feelings can help others with theirs.

This is for any children, teens, young adults, older adults who have lost a pet.

I have never had a dog before.

When I was growing up over time we had a guinea pig, a couple of rabbits, a hamster and later on a cat.

But, never a dog.

My husband wanted two. Mulder and Scully #TheXFiles

So, after we had Polly who is now 14, Scully was the next to enter the family and last week we said a very sad goodbye.

Scully was a bit of an extraordinary dog. Everyone who met him loved him.

You’d be looking around wondering where he was on the beach and calling his name to always find him by your feet.

He never went far.

You’d leave food on the side or wander around a market full of delicious smells and he’d have a sniff and walk on by.

He’d take himself off into the woods to...

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August: Watch. Follow. Read. Do. Buy.

Swimming in it, exploring it and, most of all, protecting it.
So, with National Marine Week at the beginning of August and so many of you hopefully enjoying everything the coast has to offer this summer, our WFRDB this month celebrates one of the most important elements on our planet. 


There is something incredibly healing about spending time in the sea and Jamaican surfer Imani Wilmot uses surfing as a way to transform the tough lives of the women around her by helping them to avoid a life of violence and crime. Surf Girl Jamaica highlights her aim to develop self-motivation, a sense of community and respect for the environment whilst also inspiring girls of colour from all over the world to see that they have a place in the surf industry. This film (directed by the brilliant Joya and Lucy from The Right to Roam centres on the first all-female surfing competition in Jamaica. 



Keep up to date on everything that the...

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What's the link between snorkelling, an online course and secondary school?

What’s the link between snorkelling, an online course and starting secondary school?

Doing something that scares you!

Yes, snorkelling used to scare me.

Doing something different is scary.

Signing up for an online course can feel scary.

Going up to senior school is also a bit scary even for parents!

Some kids are naturally super excited, others daunted and nervous.

It is a big change.

A change that we can help navigate.

Do you want to help your daughter flourish and thrive whilst navigating the big jump from Year 6 to Year 7.

 Does it keep you up at night thinking of all the pitfalls she may encounter along the way?

 Do you want to give you both the best possible start to Year 7 with information and support from several experts including a GP, a psychotherapist, teen mentors and an experienced Year 7 tutor?

 We have something that will really help.

‘Moving on up’ is a NEW online course designed especially for girls going into senior school…...

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Medical Mavericks Workshops hosted by The HOW People

An exciting opportunity has landed with us that we would LOVE to offer you, absolutely FREE for all children Year 7 and upwards! This is one to watch for anyone interested in the human body and careers within health care.
No cameras. No pressure. No active participation required. You can hit the chat box to ask any questions. 
The HOW People are partnering with Tom from Medical Mavericks to deliver 'The Human Guinea Pig'. You do not want to miss this!
This is NOT about Doctors, Nurses, Midwives or Physiotherapists.  
These are the jobs no one ever tells you about that go on in the background within health care. 
CLICK HERE FOR FULL INFORMATION and to book your space. Spots limited. 

The show introduces you to:

  • Cardiac Physiology
  • Respiratory Physiology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Renal & Urodynamics
  • Medical Engineering
  • Prosthetic Engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Haematology
  • Lab Science

A mix of amazing facts with EIGHT brilliant ...

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June: Watch I Follow I Read I Do I Buy


Davina McCall: Sex, Myths & the Menopause  (available on 4OD)

We find it frustrating that women don’t feel that they can talk about the menopause and apparently so does Davina! You will have seen over the last 12 months that we’ve run a number of talks with VHK Education Dr Heidi Kerr and Dr Victoria Hobbs who offer appointments via Health and Her platform. We’ve discussed this taboo subject and all the battles that come along with it. So we love that this is now getting some air time on our TV screens and raising awareness of what the menopause is really about. Davina talks to many women from different backgrounds with a range of different experiences who are all brave enough to share their story and help you to realise that you are not alone. 



For any BBC Radio 2 listeners, this name may already be familiar to you as he hosts a show on a Sunday night at 10pm all about mental health and wellbeing. On his...

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What they said

testimonials May 04, 2021

We are lucky enough to have some incredibly engaged parents and teenagers within our membership.  

Here are two of them telling you what they love about the HOW Inspire membership.

Two very different answers going to prove that each girl takes different things away from each session. Bethan, aged 12, and Claudia, aged 14.

But... if you are not happy then we are not happy. 

Not every digital or off the shelf product in the world will appeal to everyone. 

Your daughter's future is important to us, we want her to enjoy, engage and get huge value from what we do so if you are not happy then you can leave no questions asked within the first 30 days and get your money back. 

We are here to help the girls to find that spark, the moment that might change their path in life. For them to be inspired and engaged. 

By going live 7-8pm on Thursdays BST we hold a safe space to engage with our members and invite speakers, role models and mentors who come and...

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How to inspire the next generation of awesome females in a digital world.

HOW to inspire the next generation of awesome females in a digital world

Discover how to inspire your teenage girl so you can watch her flourish and get excited about her future rather than simply hoping this will happen at school.

If you are a parent or guardian of a teenage girl one of the most important things will probably be the education and future of your child.

Unfortunately, most of us rely solely on the education system to inspire and encourage our teens. 

Schools are focused on passing exams and are limited in what they can teach outside of the National Curriculum. This often means our teens are leaving school feeling uninspired, disinterested and unsure what is out there for them in the world, whether they do well in their school exams. 

There is another way. 

This is not just something only available to people who are well connected or who go to private school. All of us can look outside the traditional school system to open up a network of support for...
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1% better parenting


Let’s just get it out there. It is tough.

It has twists and turns like no other road in life.

The highs and the lows are bigger than the highest mountain climb and there is NO instruction manual.

When we have our babies we gather and grow a support network.

Baby groups, playgroups, surrounding ourselves with other people doing what we are doing. Supporting and nurturing ourselves through this new time, safe in the knowledge that everyone else has hard times too. 

Then that all stops.

Life gets in the way and we muddle along knowing everyone else has struggles too but not really looking to talk about it. 

This is our first full day dedicated to parents. 

Our membership parents told us that they need this. 

So, we provided it. 

The HOW People are there for our teens. The HOW Inspire membership is for teen girls 11-16 yrs all over the world to connect, learn and be inspired. 

Every teen girl comes with parents or...

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