Only human

 We are only human.
If you saw our Instagram stories yesterday, you will have seen the fall out of Polly’s day. The struggle of back to back meetings (her job, not HOW meetings) and trying to ‘home school’.
The impossible task of fitting education into a lunch break.
Getting frustrated when her son was not paying attention in the time slot, then the impending doom and guilt the minute she was back in the meeting wishing she could sit and read with him again and give him more time.
Feeling like, but absolutely NOT being, a Drama Queen. 
Jo totally gets it too. The Juggle.
“It’s super tough. As a GP, never before have we seen so much anxiety, stress and depression in the general population. That’s not even taking into account groups of the population that we know are under severe pressure and in awful situations at work as a result of this virus.
This is just regular people....
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This is not home schooling

Home schooling is a choice made for lots of different reasons. Usually, after a huge amount of discussion, opinion and often judgement from others.
A decision parents make as they feel it is the best direction for their own family or child’s situation at the time. Not something just thrown at you, that you try and muddle through, while working, when you can’t go anywhere or see anyone, in a global pandemic.
What is happening at the moment... Is. Not. Home. Schooling.
Nowhere near it.
This is Crisis Schooling.
We are all just trying to get through, with our heads above water.
This looks different in every house across the nation, and indeed the world, because of differing work patterns and external stresses. Doing school set work at home is pretty tricky for those continuing to work at home with little ones. Trying to help older ones with the tech, logins, something they didn’t understand, the assignments and...
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What's all the fuss about Clubhouse?

The new kid on the social block is creating a LOT of noise.

This might help anyone wondering about the set up etc.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might find this helpful.

"Like Podcasts and Instagram have had a baby and dressed it in a Linkedin baby grow."

A few tips re Clubhouse from my last 48 hours of playing around with it

  1. Download the app and reserve your name @jowatkins is mine. If you are into podcasts, personal development and learning from others, just DO it!

  2. This first step is pre ordering your name. Usually they suggest your actual name rather than business name. Sadly, this doesn't get you in but it gets the process started.

  3. Then you have to wait for an invitation from someone. Ask around, ask in your groups. Create an invite chain within a group.

  4. When you get an invite it will be via a link in the app. There is just a waiting time before they go through the requests for the names without invitation. They reckon two - three weeks before they...

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A wild ride

2020 has been a wild ride.   

For so many 2020 has meant loss, sadness, illness, money worries and much more. For others it has opened new doors, made them slow down, given opportunities and meant more time spent with loved ones. Even a mix of both!   

We all worry about the the impact of what we have been experiencing during 2020, and the impact it will have on our kids and teens, the future generations.   

How is this going to effect them?

Is 2021 going to be a kinder year?  

There are two things that will triumph from this period of time along with the scientific advances.   

Dealing with uncertainty and resilience.  

Dealing with uncertainty is something humans find hard but never before have we had to sit with it, process it and deal with it like we do now.  

‘Can I see Granny on the weekend?’

‘Will the local sweet shop be open next month?’

‘Can I have a birthday party in...

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Jacinda ROCKS!

Just when we needed it, one of the most respected and well loved leaders in the world, tells us how the build up to Christmas looks for her and chats about her mental and physical wellbeing. 

Jacinda Ardern, the PM of New Zealand, a country we love, is home to many friends and has had responded so brilliantly in this Covid pandemic. Jacinda explains to ex All Blacks rugby player turned wellness coach, John Kirwan, about feeling like she is 'crawling to Christmas' this year.


Discussing self doubt and imposter syndrome she shares her strategies for dealing with this. Connections, loneliness and being an active relaxer. This 35 min chat really does cover so much of what we are about with The HOW People.

Looking at the basics. The pillars that make us function.

We call it The Know HOW. The important basics to grow your Happiness, increase the Opportunities that come your way and give you a framework for good mental and physical Wellbeing.

Make time to watch this ...

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It is ok to not be ok

It has been a long month at the end of a very long year.

The curved ball thrown at many of us this weekend has been a tough one to take and so many people are left disappointed.

It is tough to stay positive, it is hard to remain resilient.

Surely, this whole experience will make us more capable as a human race of dealing with things that are thrown at us in the future. I was looking at our blog, to get things up and running with more regular content in 2021, and came across a post I wrote while in Canada on 2nd April before returning to the UK.

Everything written on that day remains in place today.

The feelings, the advice, the uncertainty. We have been living with this for 9 months now and even though so many of us feel very lucky to have steady jobs, a roof over our heads, a garden, loving families and food on the table when so many people around us are really struggling it is still hard for each and everyone of us in different ways.

So, be kind on yourself and others this week....

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The HOW Blog: All about periods

All about periods from The HOW People  

When was the last time you had an open conversation with your teen about periods?

When did the topic of periods become such a taboo?

Are there questions as an adult that you still feel you do not know the answers to?

The HOW People offer the opportunity for frank conversations about this very natural bodily function that we actually wouldn’t be here without!


Schools give all students a basic education in what periods are, how and why they happen and the products that are available to use but there are so many questions that teens have that they might not have the confidence to ask their teachers or parents.

Are there more environmentally friendly products on offer?

What is the best product to use when playing sport?

Can I still go swimming when I’m on my period?

What happens when my periods stop?

What is the menopause?

From starting your period to the menopause, this series of videos is designed to be...

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Little Black Book

Welcome to the 'Little black book of independent business'

from The HOW People 

**An evolving list of makers, creatives and businesses from Wales and all over the UK** 

Local and independent retailers of non essential goods have taken a battering in 2020. Living in Mumbles, a vibrant village in Wales full of small businesses, we have seen this first hand and are doing our best to support locally.

The reality of shopping in 2020, lock down, a pandemic, busy lives and convenience also takes us to online shopping. This Christmas, try and think about whether you can buy and support an independent business in person, or online, run by an individual or family who will do a fist pump or a happy dance when your order drops into their inbox. It might take a few more days to arrive but they'll be doing a #HOWhappydance and it will make a real difference. 

Shop Local. Shop Independent. Shop Small. 


Jo and Polly

Instagram ...

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Homeschool with Ease (written on 13th April 2020)

home schooling Nov 30, 2020
So many people are asking us about Home schooling at the moment.
Home Schooling. Home Educating. Crisis Educating.
Whatever we are calling it.
This is my first interview, having been invited by our friends at Ease, to give you some of my thoughts on home schooling during this tricky time as someone who has done it now for a few years.
To play this video, view this post from your live site.
1. Home Schooling is usually a choice. Lock down is not a choice.
Home schooling is a decision taken after much discussion and not taken lightly.
It has to work for you to be able to do it. It is not easy but it is hugely rewarding and most parents and kids who do it love it. When leaving the school system to home school most of the books and recommendation is to take some time to unschool before establishing a new normal. Shaking off the institutionalisation of school and its routine before introducing a different pattern.
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It is OK to find this HARD

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2020

It is ok to find this HARD.

I needed a little reminder of this today.

Yesterday was hard. Everything just seemed hard.
Every interaction with the kids seemed fraught.
Every thing that came out of my mouth seemed to be in the wrong tone or the wrong words.
They didn't want to do anything.
It felt like pulling teeth.

My poor husband came home from a 12 hour work day in the hospital and I might have even said words along the line of 'Don't talk to me about bad days' or something ridiculous when he came home.

I am pretty relaxed most of the time so days like these feel like a big deal and make me really reflect on myself (or beat myself up...)

With me, it generally comes down to parenting somewhere along the line.

I am probably not sleeping enough, I tend to work late and get up early to get 'stuff' done. Growing a business involves work.

I often say I don't work as I don't actually "go to work" at the moment but I am still trying to work.

I am in a good morning routine and getting out to...

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